My teaching philosophy is rooted in a deep appreciation for the power of stories to foster understanding and empathy. As a scholar of Nikkei diaspora literature, I am fascinated by the ways in which narratives can challenge dominant cultural assumptions and create space for marginalised voices. In my classroom, I strive to create a space where students can engage with complex and challenging texts in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

I am particularly interested in the intersections of literature, culture, and identity. My research focuses on the experiences of Nikkei and the ways in which they have negotiated their cultural identities. I bring this research into my teaching by incorporating diverse perspectives and encouraging students to think critically about the ways in which cultural narratives shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I believe that teaching is a collaborative process, and I am always eager to learn from my students and their unique perspectives. I am committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research in my field and incorporating new ideas and approaches into my teaching.


Graduate courses at Kyoto Notre Dame University

Research Methods (co-taught)

Intensive course at Kobe University


An up-to-date list is on the CV page 

Undergraduate Courses

2020~2023 Instructor of record ‘Japan Studies’, ‘Intercultural Communication & Adjustment’, ‘Public Speaking’, English Skills (Reading, Advanced Reading), Kyoto Notre Dame University, April, 2020 to 2023

2019-2020 Instructor ‘Cultural Studies in Global Asia’, Ritsumeikan University (Osaka-Ibaraki), 26 September, 2019 to 20 January, 2020

2016 Instructor of record ‘Popular Culture in Japan and East Asia’, Birkbeck, 7 January to 17 March

2012-2015 Instructor & Teaching Assistant ‘Rethinking Japan’, Birkbeck (with Dr. Darren Aoki, Prof. Shinji Oyama, Dr. Nobuko Anan)

Seminar Courses

2020~ Instructor of record ‘Japanese Diaspora Literature,’ ‘American Literature,’ Kyoto Notre Dame University, April, 2020 to present

2020-2021 Instructor ‘English Language & Literature,’ ‘Research Methods,’, Kyoto Notre Dame University, April, 2020 to March, 2021

Graduate Courses

2020~ Instructor ‘Research Skills’, ‘Clinical Medicine / Hospital Training’. Kyoto Notre Dame University, April 2020 to present

2012-2015 Instructor & Teaching Assistant ‘Key Issues in Japanese Cultural Studies’, Birkbeck (with Dr. Darren Aoki, Prof. Shinji Oyama, Dr. Nobuko Anan)

2012-2015 Instructor & Teaching Assistant ‘Of Japanese Descent: Japanese Communities and Identity Outside Japan’, Birkbeck (with Dr. Darren Aoki)

Guest Lectures

2024 Guest lecturer ‘Wit and Humour in British Literature’, Doshisha Women’s College, 28 June

2023 Guest lecturer 'English Literature and its Influence’, Doshisha Women’s College, 28 June

2019 Guest lecturer 'Summer English Lectures in Humanities', Kobe University (with Professor Hideyuki Yamamoto), 6 August

2019 Guest lecturer ‘English for Historians’, Kyoto University (with Dr. Kjell Ericson), 8 January

2018 Guest lecturer 'Summer English Lectures in Humanities', Kobe University (with Professor Hideyuki Yamamoto), 10 August

2018 Guest lecturer ‘Race and Ethnicity’, Kyoto University (with Professor Yasuko Takezawa), 23 May

Other Teaching

2019-2020 Part-time English teacher at Doshisha Elementary School, Kyoto, 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020  

2013 ‘Fundamentals of Teaching’ lecturer training workshop, Birkbeck, 7 February to 10 May 

2012-2013 Head invigilator for Japanese language examinations, Birkbeck, 26 & 27 May, 2012 and 29 & 30 May, 2013

2012 ‘Teaching Arts in British Higher Education’ lecturer training course, University of London, 13 January to 30 March

1996-1999 Japanese Ministry of Education Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Takamatsu City, July 1996 to July 1999