Global Japan Studies

Course Description

Global Japan Studies gives students a broad understanding of Japan's history, culture, society, and more. This course aims to deepen students' knowledge of Japan's role in the world.

A key goal of this course is to help students grasp Japan's current challenges and think about future solutions. With Japan becoming more involved globally, this understanding is crucial. The course provides wide-ranging knowledge and skills to prepare students for international engagement and leadership.

Students will explore Japan through English texts, news, and media, learning about its modern aspects through facts, theories, and case studies. This approach helps students fully understand Japan and its global significance.

The course also has practical benefits. It's ideal for those planning to visit or live in Japan, or for those living there who wish to know more about the country. It's useful for aspiring English or Japanese teachers, or those interested in Japan's hospitality sector. The course equips students with cultural insights and skills needed for these roles.

The course offers an insightful look at Japan, preparing students for global citizenship and leadership in today's world.




Introduction to Global Japan Studies

What is Global Japan Studies?

Course overview and key terms

What is a 'global perspective' on Japan Studies?


History of Japan: Prehistoric, Ancient, Classical, Feudal

Explore the pre-modern history of Japan, focusing on its interactions with the rest of the world.

Japan's Global History


History: Early Modern and Modern

Explore the early modern and modern periods of Japan, focusing on how its interactions with the rest of the world.shaped its history including its rise as a global power.

Japan's Global History


[ON-DEMAND CLASS] Philosophy: The Japanese Mind

What makes a person ‘Japanese’?

What are some of the differences between Japanese and people from other countries?

What does it mean to be Japanese outside of Japan?


Politics: Government, Political Participation, Women Leaders

What is the Japanese political system?

Why does politics matter?

How can women be great leaders?


Economics: Japanese Economic Miracle

How did Japan achieve its economic miracle?

Why was Japan's economic miracle admired around the world?

What was life like in bubble era Japan?


Economics: The Future for Young People in Japan

What happened after the economic miracle?

What does the future hold for young people in Japan?

Activity: Your Japan Forecast


[ON-DEMAND CLASS] Society: Rich Japan, Poor Japan

How do people become rich in Japan? 

Where is the ‘hidden’ poverty in Japan? 


Society: Ageing Japan

Why does Japan have an ageing population?

What challenges are associated with an ageing population?

How can we make life better for older people in Japan?

[ON-DEMAND CLASS] Society: Women in Japan

What does it mean to be a Japanese woman today?

How can literature help us to understand Japanese women?

How can having a global mindset help the lives of Japanese women?


Society: Diversity in Japan

Who are Japan's minority communities?

What lives do minority communities in Japan have?

Is Japan embracing diversity?


[ON-DEMAND CLASS] Society: Social Issues

What are Japan's main social issues?

How can we help hikikomori (social recluses)?


Culture: Advertising Japan

How does Japan advertise itself?

Activity: Which tourism model should Japan follow? 


Culture: Japanese Popular Culture

What is Japanese popular culture?

Which is the leading East Asian popular culture worldwide? 


[ON-DEMAND CLASS] Culture: Traditional Japanese Culture

What is traditional Japanese culture?

Why should we save traditional Japanese culture?