Voice Delivery

Voice Delivery

Find a partner and read the following text to them

Imagine you wrote a fantastic speech, but when you give it, no one listens. Why? Voice delivery! How you speak is just as important as what you say. Here are some key elements for successful voice delivery:

First, speak clearly. This means pronouncing words correctly and enunciating, or saying each sound in a word precisely. Avoid speaking too fast or mumbling your words. Take your time and practice speaking clearly beforehand.

Next, vary your volume and pitch. Don't speak in a monotone, which can be boring for listeners. Speak louder for important points and quieter for dramatic effect.  Change your pitch up and down to add interest to your voice.

Finally, use pauses effectively. Pausing briefly after important points allows your audience to absorb the information.  Pausing can also build suspense before you reveal a key idea. With good practice, you can master your voice and become a confident public speaker!

Answer the following questions

How did it feel reading the text? 

Are you comfortable with your voice? 

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your voice? 

How is speaking in English different to Japanese? 

Get your partner’s feedback too.