British Humour

My prank...gone wrong

At the University of London there lived two groups of students. On one side of a quaint street lived four male students. Opposite them resided four female students.

The male students wished to hold an unforgettable party. They made an ambitious plan. Their idea? To "borrow" a goat from the British countryside, to be the guest of honour at their party. However, lacking a car, they turned to their neighbours across the street.

One of the female students, known for her adventurous spirit, agreed to be their driver. As night covered the city, Lyle and his friends embarked on their journey, laughter and excitement echoing in the car. However, when Lyle and his friends stepped out to a supermarket to purchase carrots – a snack for their goat – the adventure took a twist. The female student drove quickly away, leaving the boys stuck in the middle of nowhere late at night.

To get revenge, the male students made a mischievous plan. They placed an advertisement in a newspaper, listing various items from the girls' house for sale at ludicrously low prices. For example, a television for just three British pounds (about 500 yen)! Their plan worked perfectly, the phone in the girls' house was ringing all day for a whole week! Yet, amidst the laughter and the pranks, a little regret lingered with the boys; because they never did get their goat for the party. 


Shakespearean insults


1. I am sick when I do look on thee: This means seeing you makes me feel sick. It's a strong way of saying I really don't like you.

2.Away, you three-inch fool!:  This suggests someone is foolish and insignificant, with "three-inch" possibly referring to the size of their brain or their stature, implying that they are small in wisdom or importance.

3.What, you egg?: This is a silly way to call someone a coward or say they're not brave.

4.Thou art a very ragged wart: This means you're as unpleasant to look at as a wart; it's not nice to be around you.

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