Lyle De Souza

Lyle De Souza is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Kyoto Notre Dame University, where he conducts research to enhance our understanding of minority identities. His work is enriched by his comprehensive interdisciplinary expertise in literary criticism, cultural studies, Japanese Studies, and sociology. His present research project, 'Nikkei Global Literature: Diaspora, Race, Identity & Belonging' (KAKENHI 21K12957), explores the intersections of race, identity, and belonging within diaspora literature.


Article published: ‘Creative Belongings Beyond Japan: Rethinking Belonging Using Novels by Nikkei Authors’ in Gengo Bunka Kenkyu, No. 11, pp. 23-44 (March)

Paper presented: “Queer Masculinity in the Transpacific: Guilt, Shame, and Desire in Cory Taylor's My Beautiful Enemy” at the Association for Asian Studies 2023 Annual Conference on 18 March 2023 in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center / Boston Sheraton Hotel.

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Banner photo:  Speaking at the 2022 Public Lecture at Kyoto Notre Dame University.